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Time Passages

A rusty remnant of Eagle Park in Cache, Oklahoma, photographed on a hot August day by Susan Dragoo of Norman. Eagle Park closed over 25 years ago, but its most treasured historic building – the Quanah Parker Star House – is still host to Comanche events, though listed as “endangered” by Preservation Oklahoma. Categories: Glimpse, Last Look

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

My high school reunion is over. Consequently, my pre-Class Reunion Deprivation Program has come to a celebratory end as well. Relieved to have the pre-reunion pressure off, I’ve spent the day eating as though I’m a triathlete or a prisoner without a last-minute reprieve from the governor. The Bavarian Cream chocolate long john I ate for breakfast today was soon…

deadCENTER Dealings

bluCENTER Bash, Bringing Up Bobby Party, Stella Artois & Slice Happy Hour

David and Maryann Johndrow, Cole Frates and Famke Janssen For more photos from bluCENTER Bash click here. For more photos from Bringing Up Bobby Party click here. For more photos from the Stella Artois & Slice Happy Hour click here. Categories: On The Scene

Reign Man

Music fans will be getting the royal treatment in Shawnee August 18, and that’s not merely wordplay based on the guest performer’s regal name: the incomparable B.B. King really truly is the King of the Blues.

Step Right This Way

Lyric Theatre’s spectacular summer lineup of “Bye Bye Birdie,” “Sweet Charity” and “Call Me Madam” has had a common link besides Broadway excellence: all three shows were highlights in the exceptional, illustrious career of two-time Tony winner Chita Rivera. To cap off its season with a flourish, Lyric welcomes Rivera herself to OKC to share an intimate evening of music from “West Side Story,” “Chicago” and many more of her most celebrated musicals.

Long Live the King

It was a Tuesday, overcast and humid. The radio in Mom’s kitchen was set to the AM dial – WKY 930, to be exact. The news hit the air a little past three. “This just in from the Associated Press: Elvis Presley has died at his home in Memphis.”

Reach for the Sun

A new day has dawned in the creative annals of one of the world’s oldest societies, and purveyors of a centuries-old art form are emerging into the light. City Arts Center is proud to host the touring exhibition “Soaring Voices: Recent Ceramics by Women From Japan,” a collection of transcendently beautiful creations by a heretofore under-acknowledged demographic.

Every Meal a Celebration

Andrew Black has no pictures of himself before the age of 21. His family never owned a camera. He grew up with his grandmother and brothers on 30 acres in the “deep country” of Jamaica. It was a life of subsistence, the family eating what they grew: sugar cane and avocados, mangos and breadfruit.