Archives: August 2012

Living La Vida Local

When walking through the Block 42 condominium home of her clients Gary and Janie McCurdy, interior designer Janis Bevers has two main points to make: an urban lifestyle is now not only possible but is fast becoming a choice of many Oklahomans; and it is also possible to create the space that reflects that lifestyle by using the talents of local artisans and craftspeople.

Lucky Number 13

There are certain occupational hazards that accompany particular lines of work. For someone who is passionate about interior design, owning a fine home décor and furniture store is dangerously akin to being the carb addict who owns the cinnamon roll shop.

Inspiration Nation

When it comes to home improvement projects, I am a dedicated do-it-yourselfer. With the help of my dear husband, I’ve tackled everything from installing bathroom tile to refinishing hardwood floors. But when I say I can do it, I am compelled by journalistic integrity to point out that just because one can do something doesn’t mean one should.

The Birthday Girl

September is my birthday month, and I’ve started noticing that it rolls around even more quickly than Christmas, which I’ve long contended comes by every 90 days. September, it seems, screeches up about every 60 days. This frighteningly fast recurrence of birthdays doesn’t afford me much time to dwell upon the physical and emotional toll that they bring, to say…

Long Days Forgotten

Often, the most beautiful antiques are not those that have been carefully restored and perfectly placed in a home. Sharon Farris of Noble recognized that abandoned appeal when she photographed this vintage truck in a field near Quartz Mountain, where the vehicle had taken up permanent residence amidst the tall grass. Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

Global Market

Worldfest, the annual event benefiting Oklahoma-based World Neighbors, is a shopping mecca with thousands of hand-crafted, fair-trade products that will give you a leg up on that coming-sooner-than-you-know-it holiday gift gathering.

This One’s for the Cowboy

It has emerged over time as one of the leading repositories of Western art and culture in the world from its perch atop Persimmon Hill, yet this bastion of art and culture has never held an event for its own benefit.

Intimate View

As longtime drinker William Wilson began trying to regain his sobriety and rebuild his life, he realized the importance of mutual support among recovering alcoholics.

Diamond Anniversary

Still stately after all these years, the Civic Center Music Hall turns 75 this month, and the occasion will be marked with a spectacular event worthy of the treasured performance hall. From past to present to future, the show most definitely will go on.