Archives: September 2012

Meet Virginia

When I think of Virginia, I think of the early eastern settlements, especially sophisticated Williamsburg. I was still thinking that way when I headed to Roanoke, little realizing that, for many years, it was on the Virginia equivalent of the western frontier. It’s come a long way, baby!

Sharing the Gift

In 1964, James T. Bialac bought a painting. Over 40 years later, the Arizona lawyer’s private collection of Native American art was among the greatest in existence.

Field of Dreams

For those who truly care about their food – not just the dishes’ finished flavors but also the process of its production and the people involved – the best restaurant of all might be one without walls.

Creature Features

Sure, axe-wielding, demon-possessed, undead were-zombie ghouls are scary in theory, but there’s a special kind of creepiness in the concept of having our humdrum lives interrupted by a faceful of Nature at its most malevolent.

Caped Crusade

The mean streets of Gotham City – and their iconic shadowy protector – come to the Chesapeake Arena October 10-14 in the stunt-studded, visually spectacular stage show “Batman Live.”

The Big Show

Most vocal compositions can be performed with four voices, although eight allows for division of parts and 16 produces a richer sound.

In the Spotlight

Al Eschbach and Jim Traber

They’re the self-described Odd Couple of sports and the epitome of a love-hate relationship – as much with each other as with their listeners every weekday afternoon and game days on WWLS Radio, The Sports Animal.

Clear Excellence

Orchids are among nature’s most spectacular showpieces, producing prismatic splendor from near-black to brilliant white and a thousand varied and variegated shades between, but not even the most dedicated botanical breeder has ever produced a transparent one.

Step by Step by Step

Photo Courtesy OKC Ballet October 14-21, Civic Center, 201 N Walker Ave, OKC, 843.9898, Graceful, moving artistic performances unparalleled throughout the metro are the Oklahoma City Ballet’s forte – what better way to begin a new season than with not one, not two, but three state premieres? The assembly of elegance titled “Director’s Choice” begins with a bittersweet conflict…

The Wow Factor

Fully 20 of the region’s most prominent creative organizations receive funding through the work of Allied Arts, and uncounted thousands of Oklahomans benefit aesthetically and spiritually from that central agency.

Where History Lives

To heighten awareness and promote preservation of Oklahoma City’s architectural history, and to ensure the protection of our enduring cultural landmarks for years to come. Those are pretty good reasons to participate in a venerable event that offers its own ample rewards: one of the city’s most elegant and storied neighborhoods reopens its doors from noon to 5pm October 6-7 in the 46th annual Heritage Hills Historic Homes and Gardens Tour.