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The Naughty List

It was so much easier to keep my name off The Naughty List when I was a kid. My mom was there every year like clockwork to remind me that Santa was watching. This perennial prompting was more effective than even candy bribery to shape me into a please-and-thank-you, turn-taking, hand-raising model citizen. The Nice List was practically a lock….

The Joys of the Season

Free time is often in short supply as the holidays approach, but if you can make room in your busy schedule, give yourself a present and find the time to experience these delightful December treats – your future self will thank you for the memories.

Collective Consciousness

In this group effort sponsored by Spain’s Ministry of Culture, many hands made for amazing work: 20 photographic collectives from across Europe and Latin America were instructed to create a visual essay about the environment.

Local Buzz

Coffee is one of the country’s most ubiquitous beverages, but not all mugs are brewed equal. If you want a pick-me-up with personality, someplace with genuine taste and local flavor rather than a mere dispenser of hot brown liquid, you’re in luck – the metro has a strong set of heavily caffeinated gems.

In the Spotlight

Marion Paden

As the third largest Rotary International Club in the world, the downtown Rotary Club of Oklahoma City (Club 29) might have had several female presidents in its 102-year history, yet Dr. Marion Paden is only the club’s second, the first having been the equally dynamic Meg Salyer.

Holiday Recollections

We asked some Oklahoma celebrities and local movers and shakers to ponder their favorite holiday memories, and here is what they recalled.

Can You Hear This?

I have always been something of a speaker snob, constantly trading until I hit on the sound I’m looking for. So let’s talk about getting the best sound quality out of your speakers or headphones, whether you’re using an MP3 player or iPod, car stereo or home sound system.

In the Balance

In the acrobatic world of Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, balance is achieved… and disparate parts add up to a whole that is simply great.

Tree of Life

A partridge in a pear tree is nice, but Kathryn Grubbs of Oklahoma City found these robins nestled in a snow-covered cedar even more pleasing. We can’t help but dream of a white Christmas. Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

What We’re Talking About…

A dash of this, a jigger of that – a brief collection of trivia, miscellany, current events, tidbits of popular culture and other ephemera that we think are cool.