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Bicentennial Boy

I’ve been spending my post-holiday weeks licking some fresh psychological wounds, dished out by several people – most of whom share my last name and all of whom share my DNA. Thanksgiving had all the makings of a typical holiday at my parents’ house, but this year, things went terribly wrong. Specifically, things went terribly wrong for me. For reasons…

Curb Appeal

Landscaping expert Ahmed Hassan, host of HGTV and DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers,” is bringing his palpable, positive energy to Oklahoma City this month at the 31st Annual Home and Garden Show. He describes his upcoming presentation as a mixture of “stand-up comedy, storytelling and a horticulture class” designed to inspire attendees to feel less intimidated by landscaping and leave with…

Refresh Your Finances

January 1 marks the beginning of a new year, but for many, it also symbolizes changes we commit to making in our lives. A new year is the perfect time to implement a positive change, and it’s the perfect time to evaluate your finances. Obtaining the peace of mind financial stability brings begins with knowing exactly where you stand. Your…

Winter Travel Advisory

Oklahoma’s capricious weather means winter can be curiously warm or impassably nasty, but either way it’s a peak season for beating post-holiday blahs by getting away from it all – local weather professionals take a break from meteorological forecasting to predict amazing winter vacation spots.

Signs of Time on the Prairie

77 Counties

Wind, weather and most of all time combine on the Oklahoma prairie to form a distinctive alchemy with strangely artistic results, and a sense of history that endures even as the material components crumble.


Free admission at the Fred Jones Museum, pre-bowl statistics for OU and OSU, Yard Crasher Ahmed Hassan’s OKC appearance and other trivia, tidbits and current events, from pageants to Pickleball.

Oklahoma's New Frontiers

In diverse fields of science encompassing quantum-level cryptography, animal influence on forensics, unmanned aerial craft for monitoring and defense and supersymmetry theory to explore the composition of the universe, the future is being made here in Oklahoma.

Coming to a Galaxy Near You

For every person, there is the perfect cell phone. For that perfect cell phone, there are myriad accompanying devices. For you Samsung Galaxy fans, I recently tested a goodie box of accessories, and here are some recommendations to satisfy your gadget habit. Next month, I’ll cater to the iPhone crowd. For the Gamer MOGA is a mobile gaming controller that…

Bits Bites: Saturn Grill

Yes. Yessss. Amid the joys of moving to downtown OKC – which are myriad, and I don’t just mean the gardens – and into a new and much more inviting office, one of the comparatively meager drawbacks has been more-or-less abandoning some prior haunts that are now farther away than is quite convenient. In some cases, this has led to…