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Slice Wedding Guide

Congratulations on the engagement! The bad news is that there’s a ton of work to do between now and the big day; the good news is that there’s an entire industry organized around helping make it all happen … and here are some of the best.

Read 'Em and Weep

Everyone knows Necco – the Massachusetts-based New England Confectionery Company – by its famous Valentine candy, Sweethearts. The iconic-but-chalky heart-shaped candies are the original confections of affection, each stamped with sugary sentiments of love. Are these sentiments exactly what you might have said if you’d only troubled yourself to think up your own expression of love for someone special? If…

Ah, Italia!

Urban creativity to serene rural splendor; rewards are everywhere for those exploring the paradise that is Tuscany.

An Apple Any Day

My recent goody box of phone accessories testing has turned up some winners. Last month, I offered my picks for the Samsung Galaxy, and this month, as promised, I’m offering my recommendations for iPhone fans. Here are my top four gadgets to enhance your enjoyment of your Apple device. Pleasant Awakening The iD37 docking system from is a dual…

From Nature With Love

Amid holiday hustle and bustle, Leigh took a break to snap some shots in her sister’s backyard and literally stumbled upon this heart-shaped redbud leaf – a little reward for making time to notice the beauty of nature.  Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

Social Media Singles

Sometimes the perfect profile match is way too good to be true; sometimes the stars – er, Skypes – really do align. As dating increasingly becomes part of the digital realm, Slice explores online love and delves into the do’s, don’ts and do-overs of modern romance.

Desmond Mason Art Show

Close to 400 people peruse the former NBA star and OKC artist’s work at his 8th annual public show and sale; proceeds benefit Allied Arts and Youth Services of Oklahoma County.

The Top 10

February's Prime Entertainment Picks

It’s a big, busy metro out there – if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

Strength In Numbers

Lead by example, champion a cause, make the city a more excellent place to work and live… that’s too much for any one person alone, but the Alliance of Emerging Professionals welcomes passionate young OKC residents, giving them a network of new friends and a support system nearly 400 strong.

Que Fresco!

There’s a lot to enjoy about working here for all of us, but one of the special benefits of being the Steve-shaped cog in the Slice machine (aside from the capacity to point out on this blog that a pirate’s favorite car is the Toyota Yarrrrris) is that spending so much time accumulating information for the Pursuits section gives me…