Archives: February 2013

A Scale of One to Zen

Remember the line from the movie “City Slickers” when the husband and wife have a fight and the husband hurls the insult that, if hate were people, he would be Red China? If pet peeves were people, I would be Red China. I’ve got a lot.  Recently, my husband and kids went to dinner without me recently and my absence…

The Top 10

Concerts, soirees, groundbreaking dance and a reassembled artistic experiment – it’s a big, busy metro out there, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

Sooner Stilettos

Members of the organization dedicated to supporting and mentoring the student athletes of OU Women’s Basketball share a wine and cheese pairing at Norman’s Mister Robert Fine Furniture.

Spring Chicken

Warmer weather, the rebirth of nature, Easter celebrations … as this surprisingly stoic young Oklahoman can attest, spring is for the birds. In a good way. Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

Not So Old Milwaukee

Home to high art like the architecturally breathtaking Quadracci Pavilion and slightly less rarefied attractions like the Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee makes an attractive tourist destination even before considering the world-spanning cuisine.

It's Not "Choc-a-Little"

Traditions aren’t necessarily hard to come by – do anything long enough and it can become one – but even if you restrict the set to include only things that are genuinely rewarding to experience again and again, the metro has no shortage of recurring wonders. You know what you should do, though? Seriously? You should go to the Firehouse…