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Hot Fun In The Summertime

So, dear reader. We meet again. I guess this is going to be an every-month-kind-of-thing. Great! I think I like going steady. First, thank you for all the nice cards, voicemails, emails and general well wishes. It means a lot to me. Keep ’em coming … I’ll never tire of hearing from you. I read and reflect upon each missive…

Mission Impossumble

For city dwellers, my family has had more than its share of unwelcome encounters with wildlife. It’s not that we don’t appreciate nature’s creatures, big and small; we simply prefer creatures upon which we can put sparkly collars. All others need not apply. To control the burgeoning squirrel population on our street, we’ve armed almost every neighbor with a cat…


A Conversation with Coleman Clark

A give and take about a legacy of spreading happiness, the staying power of the BC Clark jingle, learning to juggle and more with fourth-generation jeweler Coleman Clark.

Shine On

There’s something about the vast, richly painted Oklahoma skies at dawn and dusk that draw the eyes of Slice readers – or at least their lenses. As the longest days of the year approach, this compilation indicates why sunrises and sunsets are by far the most popular subjects for submission. Categories: 405 Life, Last Look


Blame It on the Boogie

Remembering the way we were with a look back at the dining-and-disco groove of the Nichols Hills-adjacent club Michael’s Plum.

Boys and Girls Clubs Champions of Youth

Honorees, like Marnie Taylor and Mathis Brothers Furniture, and guests make the future brighter for kids – donors’ generosity yielded over $260,000 and untold inspiration for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County and its members,

Girlfriends’ Weekend

Wondrous window shopping, distinctive cuisine and entertainment options from dinner theater to an enormous wine festival – Grapevine, Texas demands far more time than a mere layover.

The Right Scruff

Somewhere between a full beard and a clean, close shave is the happy medium of the three-day beard. Just ask these happy, be-stubbled metro men.

The Biggest Local Sports Story You've Never Heard

A central Oklahoma team is zeroing in on a spot among the nation’s elite competitors – and we’re not talking Thunder, nor Sooners, nor Cowboys. These powerhouses play under the name Victory Dolls (for good reason), and they and their sisters are drawing more and more eyes to the thrilling sport of roller derby.

The Hit Parade

Movie lovers, rejoice: independent cinema’s best and brightest are headed to Oklahoma City for the 13th annual deadCENTER Film Festival. With options ranging from locally filmed shorts to star-studded dramas and documentaries, the choice of what to see is up to you … with a little help from our full schedule.

The Golden Age

It’s the 50th anniversary season for Oklahoma City’s Lyric Theatre, so the musical theater masters are celebrating by taking audiences to new heights: the Civic Center moves to the jungle treetops for a dazzling adaptation of Disney’s “Tarzan.”

Live & Lovely

Music hath charms to soothe the savage heat, and when the talent is this incredible and the price (free) this unbeatable, staying inside is for suckers. Enjoy the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Kirk Whalum and many, many more at Norman’s Jazz in June and the Charlie Christian Music Festival in Bricktown.

June’s Top 10

The season of festivals means tempting options for all in film, music, cultural awareness and more – it’s a big, busy metro out there, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

The Disappearing Lake Altus

77 Counties

In her ongoing travels through the state, author and photographer M.J. Alexander visits Greer and Kiowa Counties in southwest Oklahoma to investigate the vanishing act of Lake Altus-Lugert and the lost city its disappearance has revealed.