Archives: June 2013

Leave Your Worries Behind

The placid, charming Lake Eufaula community of Carlton Landing looks like it has been designed just for this spot … because it has. The Humphreys Company takes a page from the book of planned coastal cities like Seaside for this carefully considered community on the grow. Visitors, prepare to be spellbound.

Social Season

I am a people person. That’s a little strange for me to say, because I’ve always considered myself to be pretty shy (though people who know me often disagree). At big events where I don’t know anyone, I’m a bit of a wallflower. And if you ask me to speak in public, I will most likely be out of town….

Hell On Wheels

BEFORE GASOLINE WAS $4 A GALLON, my husband and I decided to rent an RV, load up the young Hammacks and drive to Canada. Like many of our half-baked follies, two weeks on the road with three small children seemed like a good idea in the preliminary stage. My longstanding preoccupation for homes on wheels is a fetish hatched from…