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Seize the Day

Ever since I was a kid, the beginning of August has always signaled the shift out of summer and into the beginning of a long slow slide to fall (although Mother Nature works on a different schedule in our state and we are blessed/cursed with several more months of warm weather). The pace will pick up, and probably sooner than…

Strangers in a Strange Land

TO THE SAME EXTENT THAT I ENJOY BRINGING HOME ADOPTED PETS, my husband Bob loves taking in houseguests – particularly those from distant lands. During the past five years, our guest book has rounded out the entire United Nations. Most of our international guests have found their way to our doorstep on their very first visit to the United States….

Of Time and Tires

  This old-timer may have seen better days, but even amid the scenic surroundings of Medicine Park it can still turn nostalgic heads. To submit your photo for Last Look, visit   Categories: 405 Life, Last Look


My wife is, for the record, right about many, many things. Like, a staggering percentage of the time. So even though I remain privately convinced (well, I suppose this hardly counts as "private" anymore) that it was always the Union parking garage we'd used in the past, I freely and happily admit that the roof of the parking garage next…