Archives: August 2013

Lake Como Awaits

No huge, touristy landmarks, no urbane shopping district, no supermarkets … no problem. The mountainous Italian countryside north of Milan is off the beaten track, but a scenic paradise for a relaxing vacation.

The Special Case

I'VE SPENT AN UNREASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME in the past few weeks lingering among the school supplies section of SuperTarget – not for the typical reasons of stockpiling classroom provisions or picking up last-minute locker décor for my kids – but for that singular thrill I indulge annually … perusing, admiring and coveting supplies I don’t need, but purchase anyway….

A Word To The Wise

I proudly identify myself a voracious reader. Even juggling a packed schedule, I maintain copious magazine subscriptions, a plethora of RSS feeds and favorite blogs, and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the library’s e-media system. As a child, I could always be found with my nose tucked into a book. Grandma Jeanette kept me and my brothers from…

Housing Market Madness

A strong economy has given the OKC metro an increase in population … and a growing demand for housing. In this seller’s market, Slice shares expert advice for those looking to buy, sell, get financing, improve a neighborhood’s overall appeal or plan renovations to maximize future value.

As Seen On TV!

They may not be A-list celebrities, but they’re famous to us all the same. Whether or not we bought what they were selling, these past and present Oklahoma advertising personalities are lodged in our memories and part of our pop cultural heritage.

Bits Bites: Extra Beef

I hope by now you’ve read the August issue of Slice’s cover story “The Metro’s 10 Most Bodacious Burgers,” as it is not only gorgeously photographed (nice work, Carli Wentworth) but truly, truly inspirational. We weren’t kidding about the incident referred to in the letter from the editor when we were proofreading the final layout and suddenly felt compelled to…

The Call of the Domestic

Remember the Looney Tune in which Bugs first accidentally met the Tasmanian Devil, and went to research his dietary habits, and the lengthy encyclopedia list went something like “eats alligators, aardvarks, cats, bats, rats, stoats, goats … and especially rabbits”? That litany is about what my mom sounds like when she gets on the subject of childhood pets. She grew…