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On the Rise

This month’s cover story, “Creative Visionaries,” profiles six amazing people who are leading the way toward a more vibrant, engaging, conscious and diverse existence for our citizens … exactly the type of insight that we love to share with our readers. A glimpse into the future of our fair metropolis, if you will. I was struck by a phrase writer…

The Road to Tranquility

FOR THE SECOND TIME, I’ve signed up to participate in a 21-day Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra, the renowned Hindu Indian-American author, physician and all things “one-with-spirit” master. The first time I did the Meditation Challenge, I lasted about 10 or 11 days, hoping that meditation would teach me to quiet my weary mind and give that hamster on the…

Creative Visionaries

Some are among the standard-bearers for imagination in their fields; others helped dream up their own specialties. While their challenges range from promoting the arts to re-crafting entire cityscapes, one thing these six Oklahomans share is a ceaseless drive to innovate.

Voicemail of the Wild

Because when the moon hangs heavy overhead and the crisp night air tautly pulses with the fierce purity of life and whatever else made Buck think about hulking out and becoming a direwolf, I’m way more likely to let the call of the wild keep ringing. Went camping a few times in my youth (read: slept outside in a tent,…

September's Top 10

Thought-provoking art exhibits, laugh-inducing live theater, concerts, special events – there are all kinds of sources for entertainment and enlightenment in this bustling metro, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

The Sound of Silver


Maestro Joel Levine and the OKC Philharmonic have been making beautiful music together for 25 years now – and with the upcoming season highlighted by special guests like George Takei and the incomparable Yo-Yo Ma, they’re still hitting the high notes.

On Cloud Canine

  Piedmont resident Katniss the greyhound gets in touch with nature during a luxurious sunset sprawl. To submit your photo for Last Look, visit Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

Tales to Fascinate

The wonders of the world, and a world of sociopolitical viewpoints, are en route to Oklahoma City as a new season of the venerable OKC Town Hall Lecture Series begins.

Half-Cent Movie Review: Monsters

So called because my opinion and $4 will buy you a slice of coconut cream at Pie Junkie in the Plaza District… The 2010 film “Monsters” begins with an explanatory text burst: A NASA probe sent out to investigate a near-Earth and possibly-alien event crashed in northern Mexico on reentry. Whatever was on the probe began … affecting the local…