Archives: November 2013

Finding the Lost Ogle

Call it “juvenile and crass” or “brilliantly scathing” – either are often correct, and sometimes both simultaneously – the metro-focused commentary website The Lost Ogle is a huge, hilarious presence in social media, and surprisingly adept at tackling major stories.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

AS HOLIDAY TRADITIONS GO, mine follow a predictable pattern of descending dangerously deep into the fourth quarter with a “what-me-worry?” ambivalence that suggests my holiday preparations are either 1.) finished by Labor Day or; 2.) done by a staff of 30. Why I punish myself with last-minute shopping year after year will require therapy to decode, but this is exactly…

He’s Coming to Town

I AM IN A DEEP STATE OF DENIAL. Christmas is not coming. Not yet. It can’t be. I’m a devout daylight worshipper (albeit slathered in SPF 50 and hidden in the shade of a big umbrella thanks to the genetic tendency to roast a deep crimson), and Central Standard Time is my Kryptonite. Leaving work in the subterranean, post-5-p.m. darkness…

A Long Walk

Children accompany their dad to his aircraft to say goodbye before his deployment. Like them, we wish him and all our nation’s soldiers a safe return, and thank our veterans for their selfless service. To submit your photo for Last Look, visit Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

Back to School

A Conversation with Dave Lopez

A give and take about hard work, enthusiasm and popcorn with OKC Public Schools interim superintendent Dave Lopez as he heads back to class.