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Finding the Lost Ogle

Call it “juvenile and crass” or “brilliantly scathing” – either are often correct, and sometimes both simultaneously – the metro-focused commentary website The Lost Ogle is a huge, hilarious presence in social media, and surprisingly adept at tackling major stories.

Holly, Jolly, Giant

Whether or not central Oklahoma winds up having a white Christmas, our days will be merry and bright for certain: there are too many festive celebrations to leave room for gloom. Slice’s guide to holiday merriment has the details you need to add joy to your world.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

AS HOLIDAY TRADITIONS GO, mine follow a predictable pattern of descending dangerously deep into the fourth quarter with a “what-me-worry?” ambivalence that suggests my holiday preparations are either 1.) finished by Labor Day or; 2.) done by a staff of 30. Why I punish myself with last-minute shopping year after year will require therapy to decode, but this is exactly…

He’s Coming to Town

I AM IN A DEEP STATE OF DENIAL. Christmas is not coming. Not yet. It can’t be. I’m a devout daylight worshipper (albeit slathered in SPF 50 and hidden in the shade of a big umbrella thanks to the genetic tendency to roast a deep crimson), and Central Standard Time is my Kryptonite. Leaving work in the subterranean, post-5-p.m. darkness…

A Long Walk

Children accompany their dad to his aircraft to say goodbye before his deployment. Like them, we wish him and all our nation’s soldiers a safe return, and thank our veterans for their selfless service. To submit your photo for Last Look, visit Categories: 405 Life, Last Look

The Goodbye Girlies

Female artists, crafters, musicians and entertainers combine for a double-day show at the OKC Farmer’s Public Market … and this 10th iteration is their last “her-rah.”

Back to School

A Conversation with Dave Lopez

A give and take about hard work, enthusiasm and popcorn with OKC Public Schools interim superintendent Dave Lopez as he heads back to class.