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Countdown to the Big Day

A planning checklist for your wedding

There’s a lot to do before you get to “I do,” and the dazzle is in the details. Nevertheless, the perfect wedding is perfectly doable – just keep referring back to this time-sorted to-do list and you won’t miss a thing.

Love is in the Air


On the wedding day, all eyes should be on the happy couple. No problem – this range of dazzling fashions for the bride (and a few for the groom) provides plenty of options for tying the knot in divine style.

After the Storms

Post-Tornado Animal Recovery Continues

Disasters as devastating as the tornadoes that ravaged central Oklahoma last May have wide-ranging effects on all walks of life … even among those residents who walk on four legs. But big or small, pampered or wild, animals needing care have metro residents ready to help.

Filled With Resolve

Are you big on making New Year’s resolutions? Clearing a blank slate? Turning over a new leaf? I will admit that I am not. I often think about it, usually sometime in late (late late!) December – around the same time I am waiting in some line for the newest Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movie –  and feel…

An Open Letter to My Would-Be Husbands …

Long before there was Bob Hammack, I kept and cultivated a mental list of potential husbands who, I thought, might make worthy contenders for the job of Mr. Lauren. This month’s special wedding section has stirred up some ghosts of marriages that never happened – well, except a few dozen times in my mind. It seems as good a time…

The Language of Love

While an occasion as special as a wedding definitely means you’ll need flowers, your choice of what kind of blooms to use means something too. Take a trip through this virtual garden to find the perfect match between medium and message.

In Defense of Doing Stuff

I spend a fair chunk of time writing about upcoming events for Slice; the Pursuits section with its monthly listings is one of my primary areas of concentration. That does not, however, make me a social butterfly – new months keep coming down the pipe, and generally by the time an event I wrote about six weeks beforehand actually occurs,…

December's Top 10

Thought-provoking art exhibits, live theater, star musicians, special events – even in this festive season, there are all kinds of non-holiday-themed sources for entertainment in this bustling metro, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.