Archives: February 2014

From the Bookshelf

From framing and lighting to choosing just the right spot, “How to Hang a Picture” by Jay Sacher and Suzanne LaGasa explores the ins and outs – and deceptively complicated nuances – of a seemingly simple home decor task.

Tread on Me

Easily overlooked but vitally important to the overall look of a well-designed home, the floor is a canvas too often left blank. These suggestions for wood flooring and decorative rugs can make all the visual difference.

For the Coffee Table

In “Flowers,” Carolyne Roehm expresses an ongoing passion for the colorful rainbow of nature’s floral varieties; her lavish photographs in this massive book are an eye-catching way to share the love.

Severe Weather: Why, How and Wow!

Ready or not, spring in the metro means serious weather is probably on the way, so it’s better to be prepared. In a quick primer for everything from the science of the skies to what to do with a hail-damaged car, Slice delves into Oklahoma’s meteorological mayhem.