Archives: March 2014

We Need to Talk

DEAR FACEBOOK, We’ve been together many years now and, by and large, it’s been a fairly pleasant relationship. I can still remember when our love was new. I spent almost all my waking hours with you. During the separations with no Internet connectivity, all I could think about was telling you this thing or that, giving you all my doctored-up…

Simply the Best

We’ve looked forward to sharing the results of our annual Best of the City readers’ poll ever since the voting closed several weeks ago. Given the opportunity, you had a lot to say on a wide variety of topics … weighing in on everything from the best place to grab a cup of coffee – spoiler alert: the ubiquitous Starbucks…

2014 Best of the City

From appetizers to artists, cultural ambassadors to casinos, the Oklahoma City metro does a lot of things very well indeed … but some things are simply the best. Slice readers (and writers) have spoken, and we’re pleased to bring you 74 of the city’s greatest hits.