Archives: April 2014

Oklahoma Revs Up Sustainable Energy

While the Sooner State remains a major player in the oil and natural gas industries, greener alternative energy options harnessing the power of sun and wind (both of which we have in abundance) are becoming more practical – and more widespread throughout the metro. Take a look at the road to a more sustainable future.

The Rules for All Humans Produced by Me*

If anyone tricked me into thinking that making my own humans would be fun, easy and figure-flattering, it was Shirley Partridge, Samantha Stephens and Carol Brady – three no-shows the day I brought home Baby #1, only to discover that there was no time to write and perform pop songs, host a client dinner party or even make a few…

The Other Three Rs

I am a big believer in recycling. I remember being taught to “reduce, reuse and recycle” back when I was in elementary school, and being the rule-follower I am, I’ve diligently tried to apply those three principles ever since. When curbside recycling was temporarily suspended while we lived in The Village, we bought a sorter and dedicated a place in…

Great Oklahoma Vacations and Getaways

It’s the perfect time of year to take a break – but getting away from it all doesn’t necessarily mean going very far. Head in any direction from the OKC metro and you’ll find something amazing to see or do in the Sooner State; or indulge yourself in plenty of places to take a vacation right here in the city. Read on for relaxation.

Sheldon Russell’s “The Hanging of Samuel Ash”

A Laudable Tale of Dirty Deeds Hook Runyon has been working on the railroad, all the livelong day. And night. It’s a pretty unrewarding job being train security most of the time – long hours, alternating periods of frustration dealing with petty thefts and idleness with only his dog Mixer for company … oh, and the occasional mysterious corpse strung…

Tyson Meade and John Fullbright Sound Off

John Fullbright Familiar Names With Fresh New Music When your debut album gets a Grammy nomination, you’re probably doing something right. But while Oklahoma native John Fullbright doesn’t have a lot of temporal miles on him yet (he just turned 26), he’s already thinking about making something that’s not just good, but enduring. “You can write something that’s going to…


Music, food, dozens of vibrant creations – there’s a lot to take in inside the Farmers Public Market as OVAC’s annual show helps select young artists fire up their careers.