Archives: February 2015

Rooms for the Ages

Decorating kids’ personal spaces is an opportunity for mutual enjoyment; as these local examples of an infant, a young girl and a tween boy show, a little thought allows parents to influence their offspring’s tastes without dictating them, and lets children as they age begin exploring their own design preferences.

A Room With a World View

Concrete and steel, crystal and stone, the eye-catching Lewis home on Lake Hiwassee harnesses structural components and design elements from around the world and works design magic to create con contemporary gem simple in appearance but fascinatingly complex in nature.

Lou Berney, “The Long and Faraway Gone”

  An Atmospheric New Mystery Filled With Old Ghosts “That was Wyatt’s philosophy when it came to the past: Stay out of it. By doing so he had lived a happy life. A life undrowned, unbroken on the rocks, unswept toward an empty horizon. You caught a whiff of a certain perfume as you walked across the casino floor at…