Archives: June 2015

July’s Prime Entertainment Picks

International fashion, art from a native perspective, free open-air concerts hither and yon – there are all kinds of sources for entertainment and enlightenment in this bustling metro, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

Samantha Crain, “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree”

      A Singer-Songwriter Pushes Toward a Place of Honesty Ten days. No computers. Samantha Crain wanted her fourth album to touch something real, and teamed with producer John Vanderslice to make it happen. “My guitar and vocals are all first or second takes,” she explains. “This is what I sound like playing with these musicians in this studio. This record…

Will Thomas, “Fatal Enquiry”

  Award-Winning Peril in a Bygone Era ’Tis the season for summer reading, and while Oklahoma in July is a far cry from the clammy fogs of Victorian England, you’re advised to take this particular trip back to Old Blighty: 2014’s “Fatal Enquiry” by local author Will Thomas just won the Oklahoma Book Award for fiction. It’s the sixth in…

En Plein Air: Public Art in Oklahoma

Bronze sculptures and colorful murals and evocative abstract whirls of glittering glass … whether meant as representational tribute or wild flight of pure fancy, the state’s cultural landscape is enriched by creations like these, especially given that they’re free for all to study.