Archives: January 2016

Spring Break 101

Making plans for a perfect family getaway

While spring break is a fairly small window of time, it’s a huge opportunity to make memories and have a blast … if you do it right. These pointers are a great start to planning.

The 405 Checklist

Local coolness to see, do and enjoy in the coming year

If you’re not fully experiencing life in the 405, you’re doing yourself a disservice – consider these selections for local pleasures to do, watch and otherwise enjoy to be absolute musts for a marvelous 2016.

Bali’s Tropical Beauty

Splendor by the Sea in an Indonesian Paradise

Simultaneously teeming with life of every description and suffused with a sense of peace, the Indonesian island of Bali is a true tropical paradise.

January Must-Dos

It’s a big, busy metro out there – if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

Sam Noble hosts Shakespeare’s rare First Folio, the OKC Home + Garden Show grows inspiration, the delectable Firehouse Chocolate Festival, festivity at Boots & Ball Gowns and OKC Charity Fight Night.