Archives: July 2016

Preservation OK Party

The nonprofit Preservation Oklahoma is dedicated to maintaining the marvelous structures of our state’s past, making the Overholser Mansion the perfect backdrop for an evening of music, dance and merriment.

On Film: Road Trip Flicks

Searching streaming for outstanding cinematic journeys

Thelma and Louise to Planes, Trains and Automobiles, we hit the virtual highway to track down great examples of American road trip movies.

Oklahomyths: Home of the Dome

Fact-checking a persistent Oklahoma myth

In a series devoted to fact-checking Sooner State folklore, M.J. Alexander examines misconceptions about our state Capitol’s crowning glory.

July Must-Dos

It’s a big, busy metro – here’s where to start

The prehistoric predator Titanoboa, Woody Guthrie’s musical legacy, luminous contemporary creativity in the Plaza District, Lyric Theatre’s musical mastery and more.