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Collecting Decorative Inspiration

A mood board for keeping ideas organized


Inspiration can turn up  in the most unlikely places: a treasured porcelain piece brought home from abroad, a newly bloomed flower, a treasured photo or the earrings in your jewelry box. Of course, the usual paint chips and curated wallpaper samples and fabrics are just as important to stay inspired for future projects. Building your palette for a room, be it large or small, should always start with what makes you feel good – and all these details definitely give us “all the feels.”


1. Punch Color. Pink diamond studs from your jewelry box may offer just the right shade for a pop of color here and there throughout a room.

2. Bring the Outdoors. in Always look for natural inspiration. A flower in all its glory may be the most perfect place for ideas.

3. Let’s get Personal. Pull things from your personal collectibles. Vintage stamps are laid out for color inspiration.

4. Sublime Details. Tile can be a tough choice, but these dreamy hues of blue are sure to please.

5. Get Started. Fabric swatches of blue laid atop some pink might be the first choice in building your palette.  While blue isn’t considered a neutral, it can serve as a good base color for a room (wallpaper samples from Kasa Wallpaper Studio; stamps, feather, tile, fabric, hand towel, earrings and ribbons from Sara Kate Studios)


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