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August Must-Dos

Masters of their legerdemain Penn and Teller, a powerhouse festival focused on female artists and musicians, Internet cat videos, theater about a dog and more.


► For Their Next Trick …

Their career has depended and flourished on misdirection, but after more than four decades of wowing audiences nationwide with illusions large and small, at least one thing is certain about Penn and Teller: They can show audiences a magically good time.

The third season of the duo’s latest reality show – if that term is applicable for a series about magic – “Penn and Teller: Fool Us” is underway on the CW, and while host Alyson Hannigan won’t be appearing with them at the OKC Civic Center Aug.19, metro fans will have the opportunity to see the legends of legerdemain live, and discover what kind of entertainment they have up their sleeves.

Willow Way

► Ladies Foremost

The brand-new AMP Festival is meant to be about inspiration: by harnessing the creativity of an all-female crew of experts in Art and Music, organizers hope the result is a celebration of Power for the participants and viewers alike. It’s an all-day event with plenty of food, a dozen bands and 50 artists – all XX-cellent – to peruse, so get ready to get fired up.

► Toast Story

St. Anthony Hospital is in the midst of a massive redevelopment and expansion of its midtown campus, in the service of bringing better, more complete health care to OKC. Sounds like a good cause for celebration, doesn’t it? The sparkling St. Anthony Pop! gives guests food, music and a veritable flood of champagnes and cognacs, scotches and whiskies to sample. Prosit!

► Puppy, Love

Guthrie’s Pollard Theatre is about to lift the curtain on a new season of stagecraft and storytelling, and they’ve chosen an apt show to start off considering that we’re in the dog days of August. “Sylvia” is a tale of canine companionship that threatens to capsize an actual romance, raising questions about projection, perception (the dog is played by a human actress) and maintaining perspective.

► Lights, Camera, Cuteness

Herding cats is a notoriously difficult endeavor, but getting a bunch of humans together to watch feline antics on film? That’s so easy and rewarding that it’s prompted yet another year of this community treat: The Internet Cat Video Fest is back. The free outdoor screening is flanked by food trucks and plenty of festivities – curl up and enjoy.