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Revisiting the Best of the 405’s Editor’s Pick
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As we get ready to announce this year’s Best of the 405, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of our in-depth research project last year for OKC’s best French fries. Once again, sweet potato spears are not fries, so these are just French fries made from real potatoes. Last year, R&J Lounge and Supper Club had our favorites, but there are new contenders this year.


Paseo Grill. Maybe it’s because the burger is so good and that adds to the experience, but the fries here are exceptional: crispy, perfectly cooked every time, and exactly what a fry should be.


The Hamilton Lounge & Supperette. If there was a category for which style of fries are the best, crinkle cut would surely win. The Hamilton uses crinkle cut because, as managing partner J. Mays notes, it’s all about nostalgia. And the crinkles catch more ketchup.


Patty Wagon. If you’ve been to this fantastic local burger joint, you understand. If you haven’t, you should fix that.


The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro. It’s a bit of a surprise that one of the city’s best upscale restaurants has fantastic fries, but they do. Salty, golden, crispy goodness with aioli – they will make you reconsider ketchup as the best accompaniment.


R&J Lounge and Supper Club. R&J still has amazing fries. They toss them in a secret seasoning blend, but you get the sense that they’d be great even without it.

Rj Lounge

Tucker’s Onion Burgers. For some people, you can’t beat hand-cut fries. We get it, and if that’s your thing, Tucker’s does it very well. Also, the order is large enough to split.



MOB Grill. No idea why we couldn’t stop eating them, but we couldn’t. This truck turned food hall favorite has must-try fries.

Mob Grill


The Mule. To be fair, that you can get them with cheese curds or cheese sauce and bacon help, but they’re great without. And, loaded fries are their own category, but you really want to try the cheese sauce.


Burger Punk. Crinkle cut again, and as with The Mule, get the loaded version with the queso. Plenty for two people.


Jamil’s Steakhouse. While not technically French fries, these marvelous creations from owner Greg Gawey are life-changing. “We pull some baked potatoes right before they’re done, and slice them to get that texture,” he explained. They hold their form very well after a quick finish in the fryer. The last time we were there, our table got four orders, and no, we weren’t ashamed of ourselves. We should have asked for five, because they only make a couple dozen orders a day.

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