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Local Buzz

Coffee is one of the country’s most ubiquitous beverages, but not all mugs are brewed equal. If you want a pick-me-up with personality, someplace with genuine taste and local flavor rather than a mere dispenser of hot brown liquid, you’re in luck – the metro has a strong set of heavily caffeinated gems.

Every Meal a Celebration

Andrew Black has no pictures of himself before the age of 21. His family never owned a camera. He grew up with his grandmother and brothers on 30 acres in the “deep country” of Jamaica. It was a life of subsistence, the family eating what they grew: sugar cane and avocados, mangos and breadfruit.

Stay and Get It

The farm-to-fork concept – the deceptively complex idea of a restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients – has gained momentum in recent years, with several examples in the metro. One of the newest and best is, appropriately enough, called Local, at 2262 W. Main in Norman, tucked into the Normandy Creek Shopping Center.