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Make the Most of It

Doctors spend an average of eight to 15 minutes per appointment with their patients. This usually allows for at least two brief updates about symptoms and a short discussion during the visit. But by planning ahead for what to bring to the appointment and what to ask, patients can have a strong influence on the level of feedback and care they receive.

The Future of Skin Care

When the Saints Dermatology Center of Excellence opens to patients in January, the 9,100-square-foot facility at 9720 N. Broadway will mark the fulfillment of one simple, yet ambitions goal. “We wanted to create a group of dermatologists who can provide the best service in this region,” says medical director Renee Grau, M.D. “We want to be an all-encompassing, comprehensive health care center for dermatology.”

Dragon's Breadth

Sitting in a doctor’s examining room, with a paper gown strategically draped and a cold draft up your backside, is not one of life’s most pleasant experiences. But it’s a piece of cake compared to sitting in that same examining room and hearing a doctor nonchalantly say he needs to test you for cancer – ASAP.