Strength In Numbers

Lead by example, champion a cause, make the city a more excellent place to work and live… that’s too much for any one person alone, but the Alliance of Emerging Professionals welcomes passionate young OKC residents, giving them a network of new friends and a support system nearly 400 strong.

Oklahoma's New Frontiers

In diverse fields of science encompassing quantum-level cryptography, animal influence on forensics, unmanned aerial craft for monitoring and defense and supersymmetry theory to explore the composition of the universe, the future is being made here in Oklahoma.

Winter Travel Advisory

Oklahoma’s capricious weather means winter can be curiously warm or impassably nasty, but either way it’s a peak season for beating post-holiday blahs by getting away from it all – local weather professionals take a break from meteorological forecasting to predict amazing winter vacation spots.

In the Spotlight

As the third largest Rotary International Club in the world, the downtown Rotary Club of Oklahoma City (Club 29) might have had several female presidents in its 102-year history, yet Dr. Marion Paden is only the club’s second, the first having been the equally dynamic Meg Salyer.

Great Givers

Giving to others doesn’t require money. You don’t have to blot out all your relaxation time to help your community. Money, time and expert knowledge, though, are valuable commodities, and generosity comes in many forms.

Spreading the Hues

Some artists acquire a love for the vivid bolds of art: the spectral reds, blues, greens, indigos, violets and yellows. Wielded just the right way, they can unleash commanding messages or quiet, mystic revelations.

Urban Archaeologist

Beneath the streets of downtown Oklahoma City, decades-old rumors tell of a labyrinth of secret Chinese tunnels. The gossip of generations implies they were carved out by frontier-era Chinese who migrated into Oklahoma territory while constructing our nation’s early railroads.

Time Passages

A rusty remnant of Eagle Park in Cache, Oklahoma, photographed on a hot August day by Susan Dragoo of Norman. Eagle Park closed over 25 years ago, but its most treasured historic building – the Quanah Parker Star House –…

In The Spotlight

This fall, the John F. Kennedy Community Service Award will be presented to two individuals whose public service has been an inspiration to many. In anticipation, we sat down with the former governor to learn more.

Raise Your Voice

The sky hangs like a dome over the land – “The Dome of Heaven,” according to award-winning poet, playwright and novelist Diane Glancy, whose film by that name tells the intimate story of a Vici family.