Raise Your Voice

The sky hangs like a dome over the land – “The Dome of Heaven,” according to award-winning poet, playwright and novelist Diane Glancy, whose film by that name tells the intimate story of a Vici family.

In The Spotlight

His Oklahoma roots start at the very beginning. Born in Norman, Oklahoma, Nyambi Nyambi identifies himself first as a huge Sooner fan and later as an actor. Nyambi currently plays the role of Samuel the waiter on the CBS sitcom “Mike and Molly.”

Queen of the House

She sang on “American Bandstand” with the Mamas and the Papas. She danced on “Shindig” with Sonny and Cher. She traveled and entertained the troops with Bob Hope. Long before the Flaming Lips, Vince Gill or Reba McEntire, Jody Miller was Oklahoma’s Grammy-winning darling.

The Tigers' Tale

A tragically brief career was enough to found an artistic legacy, one that continues to produce powerful, award-winning Native art. Despite persistent adversity, the Tigers have made creative inspiration a family affair.