A Pain-Free Future

Sickle cell anemia is a painful disease. It plugs up blood vessels, starves organs of oxygen and causes episodes known as “pain crises” that send sufferers to the hospital.   Rodger McEver, M.D., treated many patients with sickle cell while…

Score Search

College-bound students looking to maximize their ACT scores will have more options this year. Starting in September, students may retake the English, reading, math and science sections separately, according to the nonprofit organization that administers the test widely used as…

“You are what you eat.”

  It’s an old adage that I embrace wholeheartedly. As I’ve traveled around the country, I’ve had the opportunity to take numerous cooking classes, which not only introduced me to cultural flavors, but added to my culinary repertoire. And those…

A Salute to Shoeless Joe

Adventure Grandma Elaine Warner hits the road to Greenville, South Carolina, and finds a new baseball hero on the centennial of the Black Sox scandal.

Pick a Name, Any Name

Choosing a baby name can come with humorous pitfalls … but online identity generators are a gold mine of name-swapping entertainment.