405 Magazine - Slice August 2015

Off to School

The end of high school is that start of a new chapter in life – but writing it in a way that will inspire fond memories down the road will require some planning, research and exploration. We spoke with some local experts and veterans of college preparation, to get some thoughts and advice on taking the leap.

Moving Around the Metro

Getting in better shape doesn’t necessarily require dolorously tromping along on a treadmill, and if you find an activity that piques your interest as well as raising your heart rate, it can actually be *gasp* fun. Rock climbing and paddleboarding to jiu jitsu and dance, creative options abound around OKC.

Ripple Green, “Timepiece”

  Okie Trio Tells A Timeless Story When bands talk about “growing up together,” they’re generally referring to the maturing of their sound as they spend years collaborating and crafting music. The three members of Ripple Green mean that when…