405 Magazine - Slice December 2013

Susan Kates’ “Red Dirt Women”

A Home More Than the Sum of Its Parts An aging hippie fiercely beloved by the preschool students she teaches about everything from dinosaurs to weather; a tenured professor with a passion for wild birds; a cheery Native blackjack dealer;…

December's Top 10

Thought-provoking art exhibits, live theater, star musicians, special events – even in this festive season, there are all kinds of non-holiday-themed sources for entertainment in this bustling metro, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.

Finding the Lost Ogle

Call it “juvenile and crass” or “brilliantly scathing” – either are often correct, and sometimes both simultaneously – the metro-focused commentary website The Lost Ogle is a huge, hilarious presence in social media, and surprisingly adept at tackling major stories.