405 Magazine - Slice February 2013

Slice Wedding Guide

Congratulations on the engagement! The bad news is that there’s a ton of work to do between now and the big day; the good news is that there’s an entire industry organized around helping make it all happen … and here are some of the best.

Social Media Singles

Sometimes the perfect profile match is way too good to be true; sometimes the stars – er, Skypes – really do align. As dating increasingly becomes part of the digital realm, Slice explores online love and delves into the do’s, don’ts and do-overs of modern romance.

Strength In Numbers

Lead by example, champion a cause, make the city a more excellent place to work and live… that’s too much for any one person alone, but the Alliance of Emerging Professionals welcomes passionate young OKC residents, giving them a network of new friends and a support system nearly 400 strong.