405 Magazine - Slice July 2012

Hoist the Colors

Whatever the cognoscenti may say about the trendy hues for summer, Edmond spends this time of year faithfully following the bold, vibrant color scheme that’s been in fashion for 236 years: three cheers for the red, white and blue.

In The Spotlight

This fall, the John F. Kennedy Community Service Award will be presented to two individuals whose public service has been an inspiration to many. In anticipation, we sat down with the former governor to learn more.

Grand Plans

If the circumstances are right and you have the cards, the smart thing to do is double down. Since its opening in 2006, FireLake Grand Casino in Shawnee has increasingly become a beacon beckoning gamblers, diners and entertainment seekers – and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) is in the process of making that success pay off.

This & That

A dash of this, a jigger of that - a brief collection of trivia, miscellany, current events, tidbits of popular culture and other ephemera that we think are cool.

Ring Down the Sun

Now, amid the shades of night, in this park artists alight. To their finest works will we, which by some shall purchased be; and the revelry there measured ever shall by us be treasured. Forsooth.

Make the Most of It

Doctors spend an average of eight to 15 minutes per appointment with their patients. This usually allows for at least two brief updates about symptoms and a short discussion during the visit. But by planning ahead for what to bring to the appointment and what to ask, patients can have a strong influence on the level of feedback and care they receive.

Allied Arts Celebration

Central Oklahoma’s artistic and cultural organizations – and the citizens who benefit from them – have over three million reasons to celebrate as Allied Arts cheers the surpassing of its fundraising goal. For more photos click here.

Follow That Muse

Kenny McKenna was happy to make a career out of his creative drive, spending two decades playing in a rhythm and blues band. But the longer he spent on tour, the more he came to realize that he was in the wrong line of art...

50 Penn Place

It’s a bright day for 50 Penn Place as owners, business leaders and VIPs attend a reception celebrating the completion of $1 million in renovations.