405 Magazine - Slice May 2012

This & That

A dash of this, a jigger of that - a brief collection of trivia, miscellany, current events, tidbits of popular culture and other ephemera that we think are cool.


Waiting a day or two to celebrate Valentine’s is worth it in this august company, as the gourmets and oenophiles of the International Wine and Food Society share a convivial evening at Stella. For more photos click here.

Gathering of Angels

Pi Beta Phi alumnae and guests share a stylish lunch with fashion entrepreneur Cynthia O’Connor to benefit Boys and Girls Clubs, Oklahoma Children’s Theatre and Payne Education Center. For more photos click here.

Casady's 65th

Actors and artists, parents and entrepreneurs… thousands of alumnae have been shaped by Bishop Thomas Casady’s namesake school, including many who happily toast its anniversary at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. For more photos click here.

Come Fly With Me

The Junior League of Norman’s irresistible invitation fills Embassy Suites Norman with celebrants eager to dance, sample treats from a taster’s affair and support the League’s philanthropic work. For more photos click here.

Heart Ball

Bountiful joys await at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum as organizers, sponsors and patrons share the Treasures of the Heart. For more photos click here.

Queen of the House

She sang on “American Bandstand” with the Mamas and the Papas. She danced on “Shindig” with Sonny and Cher. She traveled and entertained the troops with Bob Hope. Long before the Flaming Lips, Vince Gill or Reba McEntire, Jody Miller was Oklahoma’s Grammy-winning darling.

The Tigers' Tale

A tragically brief career was enough to found an artistic legacy, one that continues to produce powerful, award-winning Native art. Despite persistent adversity, the Tigers have made creative inspiration a family affair.

Future Sights

Humanity hasn’t yet exhausted the creative possibilities of painting and sculpting… on the other hand, why not explore media that haven’t been around for millennia?

Walk-Ins Welcome

If there’s one thing that visitors can expect from the district’s annual Paseo Arts Festival, it’s that whatever the weather, it’s going to be a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend.