405 Magazine - Slice September 2014

Oklahoma City’s Thunder BOOM!

The OKC Thunder have struck the nation’s attention, and we in central Oklahoma are feeling the economic boom. With a fresh run at the NBA Championship about to tip off and the city gaining attention on the national stage, we take a look at the OKC Thunder’s arrival in, and continuing impact on, the state.

Haute to Trot

As much as we always love checking out new looks and photographing fashion, we’re pretty sure this shoot and its styles belong in our all-time winner’s circle. You can get in on some of the fun we had among the…

Redbud Breakfast

  It’s the most joyous meal of the day as Redbud Classic officials present a hefty donation from the 2014 event to the nonprofit Anna’s House Foundation. Click here to see more and purchase photos.  

Roping, Riding, Retweeting: Rodeo Kids

Timeless Silhouettes Encircle The Rodeo Arena: slim men atop fences, boot heels hooked on the rail below. Straight-backed cowgirls, gliding astride mounts with braided manes. Lassos flying up and out in the fading light as ropers work on their release.…