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405 Magazine Advertising - Sept 2023 CoverMister Robert

With over 65 years of experience in fine furnishings Mister Robert Fine Furniture & Design stands for quality. Mister Robert has been associated with 405 Magazine since its inception over 25 years ago, and they have always purchased premium space as a part of their advertising plan.

“As a destination store, we cater to high-end customers seeking the best in fine furniture and design service. 405 has helped us reach those people, and our repeated presence helps us turn one-time shoppers into long-term clients. We could not be more pleased with our relationship with 405. Their professional staff and quality product put our name in front of the type of customer we need to help our business expand and thrive.”

– John Carl, Vice President

405 Magazine Advertising - Oct 2023 CoverBC Clark 

BC Clark, Oklahoma’s oldest jewelry store and the longest-operating retailer under the same name and ownership, runs print ads with 405 through their agency. Here is what Debra Davis, Media Director at Traction Marketing, had to say about why they continue to work with 405.

 “I think 405 helps connect readers with the brands BC Clark sells…David Yurman saw a boost in sales, and we had two David Yurman insertions in Q4 in 405 Magazine.”

– Debra Davis, Traction Marketing


                          How can we help? advertising

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