Sunny Dayz Mural Festival Shines Light on Female Artists

OKC's brightest new event



While it’s easy to appreciate fine art, viewing its creation in person is a fantastic new opportunity with OKC’s Sunny Dayz Mural Festival. Highlighting the artistic intelligence of female painters in Oklahoma, this first-of-its-kind festival will be taking place on August 7th, from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. The goal of this interactive experience is the promise to “uplift and support artists who have been subjected to inequity based on age, race, and gender.” In most mural festivals, artists are not paid, yet they are expected to paint, travel, and work around their personal schedules for the chance of ‘exposure.’ With Sunny Dayz Mural Festival, however, each artist will receive a stipend, from the minimum of ten dollars per square foot. This exciting opportunity was created to encourage equity and proper payment for mural artists in hopes that public art will be a supported focus of Oklahoma City. 

Artists living in the state of Oklahoma who are 18 years or older are eligible for this fantastic event, as well as nonbinary and self-identifying women. The main value of this celebration of the arts is to “include a commitment to equitable opportunity and wages, dedicate wall space to “newbies” regardless of age, and to initiate our high school mentorship program that seeks to empower and educate self-identifying women and nonbinary high school students interested in the arts.” It only gets better, as this organization is backed by the OKC Pride Alliance, which is committed to promoting “equality and diversity.” As Oklahoma is ever-changing and growing rapidly in its creative liberation, the Sunny Dayz Mural Festival is not one to miss. The inaugural event will be located at 925 W. Britton Road, so grab your friends and family and go support local female artists! 


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