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The Face of Architecture – Miller

Miller is a highly respected architectural firm that focuses on world class design and technical expertise.

Faces of the 405

Miller is a highly respected architectural firm that focuses on world class design and technical expertise. With a remarkable track record for more than 25 years, Miller has completed 1,000+ projects, earning a reputation for exceptional quality and fostering enduring relationships with clients. Looking ahead to the next 25 years, Miller’s vision combines their unmatched technical
expertise with a renewed emphasis on design excellence. They strive to work closely with individuals, corporations, and government-funded entities, to share common goals, openness to new ideas and trust. Miller understands that building or renovating is an optimistic endeavor that must be matched with enthusiasm and creativity.

While Miller is widely recognized as the best architecture firm in the medical field, their capabilities extend far beyond that niche. More importantly, they are led by an award-winning design team that is poised to unveil several impressive projects in the near future. Miller’s diverse portfolio includes a boutique complex in the Plaza District, public schools, banks, restaurants, grocery stores,
hospitality, historic renovations and multi-use developments. What sets Miller apart is their client-centric approach. They actively listen to their customers, provide creative solutions, and tackle challenges with a positive attitude. The result is the delivery of outstanding projects within budget, with the prioritization of attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Although Miller’s projects span the country, they consider the 405 area their home, and they take pride in positively impacting their local community and understand that great architecture is collaborative. It takes a team of incredibly talented partners to create a building that adds true value to the built environment. Through their dedication to collaboration and commitment to excellence, Miller continues shaping the architectural landscape with their innovative designs and technical prowess.

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