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The Face of Spine Surgery – Dr. Brett Braly

Dr Brett Braly is proud to come from a long line of physicians.

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Dr Brett Braly is proud to come from a long line of physicians. His grandfather, uncle and father have all had longstanding practices in treating Oklahomans. “Growing up in a family of doctors, you learn a lot about caring for people in everything you do” Braly says. 

Always anticipating following in their example, it was an injury in high school that lead him to spine care. A herniated disc during wrestling practice, coupled with a bone defect resulted in a lumbar fusion surgery at the start of his high school career. “It was a great result for me, though starting high school in a back brace wasn’t the coolest way to go about that” Braly jokes.

“I remember vividly the searing pain in my leg, unable to walk or care for myself, and it is that memory that drives our philosophy in spine care in Oklahoma City.” Braly has since amassed a team of providers to allow for efficient care when patients are in pain.  “Fortunately, neck and back issues rarely result in the need for surgical attention, but no one wants to wait to be told this.” 

Surrounded by an experienced team of providers, Dr. Braly and the spine clinic aim to provide availability and the quickest treatment solutions possible for patients.

“No two spine problems are exactly alike and having a variety of treatment options allows us to tailor solutions to fit patient’s needs and pathology”

From patient to provider, Braly says he considers himself a “spine doctor,” and that surgery is not always the right answer for those suffering from spine problems. He said patients sometimes come to him with preconceived notions or even diagnoses; however, his approach is to take a fresh look each time and not rely solely on any single study.

“We treat patients, not imaging,” Braly said. While there are often treatment options that do not include surgery, when surgery is required, Braly specializes in minimally invasive procedures that were not available when he sustained his injury in 1999.

“I don’t think any surgeon would perform the surgery I had today, we have come so far in our understanding and application of spine treatment”

Braly attended the University of Oklahoma for undergraduate and medical school. He then spent six years in residency and fellowship training at prestigious institutions before returning to Oklahoma to practice. His residency was at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and his fellowship in spine surgery was at Emory University in Atlanta.

The expertise he gained in minimally disruptive procedures during his residency and fellowship have made Braly a sought-after expert in the field of orthopedic spine surgery.

Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, he has been in practice in Oklahoma City for the past nine years. His expertise includes cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine care, spinal cord and nerve, decompression surgery, revision spine surgery, adult deformity correction, motion sparing techniques, spinal fusion surgery, non-operative spine care, spinal injections, and spine injury and fracture care.

“I am honored to have received the training that I did and I always knew the goal was to come back and offer that knowledge to Oklahoma.  I love this state and its people.  Our goal is to keep Oklahoman’s going strong to the best of our abilities.”

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Dr. Brett Braly