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10 Delicious Breakfast Burritos in OKC

It’s true that a burrito is basically a closed taco, but it’s clear which is easier to eat in the car when you’re on the way to work.


It’s true that a burrito is basically a closed taco, but it’s clear which is easier to eat in the car when you’re on the way to work. Exceptions exist, of course, and we’ll get to them—but the beauty of the breakfast burrito is its portability and ingredient options. Some stubborn people will insist a breakfast burrito must contain eggs, but they probably also insist that chili must have beans; it’s best to back away slowly and enjoy your preference. These 10 metro locations make some of our favorite breakfast burritos in the 405. 


  • Big Truck Tacos. This isn’t just an alphabetical choice. BTT consistently delivers one of the best breakfasts in OKC, and the Gemini is simple and perfect: scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, cheese, and choice of meat (the correct answer is steak). You also get to choose from all the wonderful salsas, and all this is under $5. Crazy good value and excellent quality. 
  • Golden Burrito. If you haven’t been to one of this concept’s fixed locations, you’re missing out! With locations on Portland and Council, they’re easy to access on the west side, and the egg and chorizo burrito is the best way to get to know them. On the other hand, if you’re there close to lunch, don’t leave without the verde brisket. 
  • Grill on the Hill. While this Capitol Hill institution isn’t often associated with breakfast burritos, it should be, especially given the smoked ham burrito: scrambled eggs, red potatoes, cheese, and smoked ham with your choice of sauce. For an extra dose of protein, the meaty burrito has bacon, sausage, and smoked ham, because some days you need pork three ways.
  • Cafe Antigua. This one isn’t the kind you eat on the way to work, but the smothered burrito is a massive—two meals, probably—breakfast indulgence that’s best consumed in case you have a busy day ahead. Black beans, rice, cheddar, eggs, and a protein of choice (longaniza is the correct answer), all smothered with chipotle sauce and sour cream: burrito magic.
  • Stitch Cafe. The West Village coffee shop-meets-taqueria can make any of its delicious tacos into a burrito—because as we’ve already established, they’re essentially the same thing. The espresso-glazed bacon makes the Quick Draw hard to say no to, and it has a vegan option with chickpeas and potatoes, and also no eggs. Still a breakfast burrito.
  • Burritos El Tin-Tan. If you’re ready for a deep dive into traditional Mexican food, this is where you’ll want to go. It has chorizo, of course, but the hotline includes other delicious proteins, and if heat is your thing, ask to have the red pork with nopales thrown on top of those eggs. Fair warning: This is not “free salsa at a Tex-Mex joint” hot; it’s “Dear lord, where’s the ice pack?” hot.
  • Cafe Kacao. Honestly, if it just served the creamy cilantro sauce and a side of rice, I’d leave happy, but it builds the breakfast cilantro burrito with a choice of meat too (cochinita is the right answer), along with eggs, sour cream, mozzarella cheese, and potatoes. It’s easily one of the best breakfast items in the city.
  • Taqueria Rafita’s. This N. Penn taqueria keeps showing up in our coverage because it does so many things well, including chorizo. The breakfast burrito with house-made chorizo and eggs is huge, and more than a little messy. The salsas are well done, too, so grab a couple of red sauces and dig in.
  • Picasso Cafe. The breakfast burrito, once described to me as “big as a baby’s arm,” has been a local favorite for years. It is huge, and it has chorizo and bacon, so that’s bonus points for the combo. There’s a vegetarian version, too. 
  • The Red Cup. If you haven’t had vegan food from The Red Cup, you likely have an incomplete view of how flavorful and hearty vegan food can be. Chef Patrick Clark II readily admits he loves the taste of animal-based proteins, and the quest to add that level of savory, smoky, and meaty flavor shows up in his breakfast burrito. Yes, it’s vegan. No, you won’t care.