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10 Dessert Destinations You Need to Try Now

There is never a bad time for dessert.

The Mexican hot chocolate cheesecake at Frida's Southwest. The slice of chocolate sits in a pool of melted chocolate.

The Mexican hot chocolate cheesecake at Frida's Southwest. Photo by Lexi Hoebing.

There is never a bad time for dessert. Sure, for some people it’s “not my thing,” but even the most steadfast holdout will cave occasionally. For them and the rest of us, we wanted to feature restaurants that do dessert very well. Since so many good local restaurants use seasonal menus, it’s hard to recommend a specific dessert at several local favorites, but we can say — based on their history — that these are 10 Dessert Destinations You Should Try Now. 

Florence’s Restaurant, 1437 NE 23rd St., OKC

No matter how many times we say “get the pear pie,” it’s not enough. Go get the pear pie … with ice cream, of course. 

Frida Southwest, 500 Paseo, OKC

An absolute gem in the city, Frida boasts what may be the best dessert menu in OKC, thanks largely to the work of Chef Rachel Porter. The Mexican hot chocolate cheesecake is a fixture, so start there.

The Hamilton, 12232 N. May Ave., OKC

Chef Stephanie Miller is another one of those chefs who can seemingly do everything from appetizers to desserts, and if you’ve never had the fresh-baked cookies or one of her cobblers, fix that immediately. 

La Baguette Bistro, 7408 N. May Ave., OKC

With enough options from its bakery to fill this page, La Baguette has been a dessert destination for decades. From tarts to chocolates and cakes to mousses, there is no bad choice at this French bistro. 

The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro, 6418 N. Western Ave., OKC

Honestly, the “subtitle” to this Western Avenue institution could be “Where Bread Pudding is an Art Form.” But so is the lemon tart and everything else that comes out of LaVeryl Lower’s kitchen. 

Milo, 6201 N. Western Ave., OKC

If it were possible, the pear fried pie with goat cheese crema should be a year-round dish, but it’s not, so just trust that Chef Josh Valentine knows what he’s doing.

Patrono, 305 N. Walker Ave., OKC

Behold: an Italian joint that really nails dessert. Chef Ashley Gonzalez is as adept at desserts as she is the grill, so if you have a chance to try one of her budinos or limoncello cheesecakes, don’t say no.

Scratch – Norman, 132 W. Main St., Norman

Chef Luke Fry has been busy all year making his presence felt on Main Street in Norman. He tends to improve every restaurant he works in and every part of the menu. Stop in and see what he’s working on, but also know the key lime pie is always excellent.

Signature Grill, 1317 E. Danforth Rd., Edmond

Chef Clay Falkner has never received all the attention he deserves, which is unfortunate. This Edmond spot has stellar food across the board, including the dessert menu, which always has a creme brulee option. 

Vast, 333 W. Sheridan Ave., OKC

Chef Paul Langer’s kitchen produces excellent food, and when your job is to be one of the city’s destination restaurants, that means crafting beautiful desserts, too. We hope the chocolate fauvet never goes away, but there is always something else delicious to capture your attention.