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10 Messy Burgers You Need to Try Now

In praise of flavor over fastidiousness.

In praise of flavor over fastidiousness.

Burgers can be divided into three categories: those you can hold in one hand, onion burgers, which are really meatloaf on a bun, and burgers that you will end up wearing if you try to eat them with one hand. It’s to the latter — the messy burger — we turn now, having already produced a list of those you can hold in one hand. (10 Burgers You Need to Try Now) These aren’t necessarily knife-and-fork burgers, but cutting them in half is definitely a good idea.

Here are 10 Messy Burgers You Need to Try Now.

Big Water Grill, 800 Riversport Dr., OKC

Chef Nathan Frejo’s Eddy Burger can be upgraded to a Big Eddy Burger, which doubles the meat to a half pound. It comes with BWG sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and the appropriate vegetables, making for a delicious mess.

Guyutes, 730 NW 23rd St., OKC

The Return of the Mac is what it sounds like: a huge burger with mac ‘n’ cheese between the patties, topped with a couple of golden onion rings. The tomato concasse and spicy mayo add to the layers of flavor, and you’ll need both hands for this one.

Jamil’s Steakhouse, 4910 N. Lincoln, OKC

The Supreme Court Burger comes with Jamil’s delicious house-made pimento cheese (yes, it’s a little spicy), and we highly recommend adding bacon. The pretzel bun is a nice choice and holds up well to this burger’s half pound of beef.

McClintock’s Saloon and Chop House, 2227 Exchange Ave., OKC

The Back-to-Bed-Burger is the most accurately named on the list, since former Chef Ethan Williams designed the full meal on a bun to be nap-inducing. It comes with two eggs, cheddar, tater tots and a ham steak, and they do provide a knife to get you started.

Ned’s Starlite Lounge, 7301 N. May Ave., OKC

It’s an homage to the Italian joint that used to occupy the space, so the Nomad Burger comes with fried pepperoni and a roasted garlic-tomato reduction to complement the grilled onions and peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Eat this one over the plate.

Patty Wagon, 3600 N. May Ave., OKC

Everything about this place is old-school awesome, including the onion rings, and that’s why it’s on both lists. The Big John Double is satisfying even as a single, but as a double, the combination of pepper jack cheese, green chiles, jalapenos and spicy mayo makes this a feast for two.

RePUBlic Gastropub, 5830 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

The Belle Isle Burger might be a legit knife-and-fork burger, largely due to the beer cheese fondue that accompanies the grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms.

Shuff’s Main Street Grill, 112 W. Main St., Jones
It’s worth the drive to Jones to enjoy the throwback charm of this popular diner, including the double-meat chili cheeseburger. You’ll want a spoon to get the extra chili, and don’t go during the high school lunch break or you’ll end up waiting for a spot.

Spark, 300 Oklahoma City Blvd., OKC
OKC’s newest burger destination also made both lists, and it’s impossible to order the wrong thing at this Scissortail Park anchor. The Spark Hottie has a Schwab’s ghost pepper cheese hot link, swiss cheese, spicy truffle aioli and Louisiana hot sauce for an extra kick.

Tucker’s Onion Burgers, tuckersonionburgers.com
The onions are on top so this one is a bit of a hybrid, but it’s also a delicious, messy, monster of a burger. The Mother Tucker is a pound of beef, so plan your day accordingly, or take a friend to split it with.