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10 OKC Burgers You Need To Try Now

Two kinds of burgers exist: those you can hold in one hand, and those that require utensils.

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Photo by Carli Wentworth

Two kinds of burgers exist: those you can hold in one hand, and those that require utensils. We’re not in the business of judging your preferences, at least not out loud, so pick whichever list you prefer. We start with the classics. 

Keep It Tidy

  • Bar Arbolada – It’s what McDonald’s wants to be, truly. Finely diced pickles and onions, ketchup and mustard, cheese as an option, single or double—truly a classic burger. Pro tip: Order it the way it comes.Hamilton
  • Blok Bar – The Okie burger is grilled onions, bbq mayo, mustard and cheese on a potato bun. Not as messy as it sounds, and more delicious than you’ll believe.
  • Burger Punk – The Clash burger is the beating heart of the menu here: American cheese, Doritos, grilled onions and jalapeňos, and Hoisin mayo.  
  • Hi Fi Burgershop – Find the truck and you find a great burger (and onion rings). The Fidelity burger is the classic: American cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion.
  • Patty Wagon – Go with a classic, or go “gourmet.” There is simply no way to go wrong. The Red Dirt burger has cheddar and bacon, so that’s a perfect place to start.


Make a Mess

Burger Punk's The Clash Burger

  • Big Water Grill – The Big Eddy burger is a double-patty version of the house burger, with Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the delicious BWG sauce. You can add bacon jam. Why wouldn’t you add bacon jam?
  • The Hamilton – The burger is on the bar menu, and it’s enough for two people. Creekstone Farms beef, smoked red onions, house pickles, and a horseradish burger sauce make this a flavor bomb that you’ll need to cut in half.
  • McClintock’s Saloon – The Back to Bed burger is nap-inducing, but you won’t care. In addition to the hefty patty, it’s two eggs, ham steak, cheddar hollandaise, and nature’s perfect food—tater tots. 
  • Ned’s Starlite Lounge – It’s hard to say no to the Nomad burger (pepperoni and tomato-garlic reduction) but the PB&B has pork belly and bacon, and that’s just a thing people should write songs about. 
  • Pub W – If you can resist the meatloaf here—and I don’t know how you do—the burgers are excellent, especially the habanero pimento cheese burger.