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10 OKC Pizza Places You Need to Try Now

What makes a truly primo pizza?

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Empire Slice House

What makes a truly primo pizza? We start with cheese, because, frankly, a pizza joint should first be judged on its cheese pizza. (Apologies to the vegans. Maybe for them it’s the sauce?) It’s like a restaurant having bad soup or salad; if you can’t be trusted with the basics, you shouldn’t be trusted with the more complex things. And we’re also starting with what many people regard as the pinnacle of the form: Chicago deep dish pizza. Sure, there are arguments to be made about Chicago, New York City, Neapolitan, etc., but we can all admit that putting a pie that big into the oven and cooking it properly every time requires more than a little technique. Mostly, though, it’s best to taste all the styles before arriving at a conclusion, and so we offer these 10 pizza options you should try now.

  1. The Heat (Still Humble Pie)One of the primary activities for people who don’t live in Edmond is making fun of Edmond. No one makes fun of them for their pizza, though, because our little sister up north is home to The Heat (Still Humble Pie), and the Chicago deep dish cheese pizza should be on everyone’s list of what you need to try before you leave OKC. Honestly, if we divided local food into an NCAA tournament-style bracket, this would be a one or two seed. (1319 S Broadway, Edmond)

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    The Heat
  2. Pizzeria GustoNeapolitan-style pizza starts with mozzarella and red sauce, but Chef Kathryn Mathis has expanded Gusto’s offerings to include a multitude of ingredients, and while the Margherita with buffalo mozzarella is the official pie of Naples, the soppressata should be in the running for the official pie of OKC. The addition of calabrese peppers and provolone make it a perfect pizza. (2415 N Walker, OKC)
  3. Papa Angelo’sWhen the owner’s name is Joe DiGiantomasso, you just feel a little more confident that the pizza is going to be good. This Bethany mainstay was started by a Long Island native who’s been making pies for more than 25 years in the metro, and it’s the truest form of New York-style pizza you’ll find in the 405. It’s perfectly foldable, as it should be, and you can build topping combinations according to your preferences, but definitely try the cheese, too. (6744 NW 39th Expwy, Bethany)
  4. Empire Slice HouseLocals are fiercely loyal to their favorites on this menu, and Rachel Cope’s signature restaurant is good at many things, but it’s making this list for its white pies, of which there are three: MCA (a cheese pizza), Doug E. Fresh (a margherita riff), and the Uncle Buck, made with pork meatballs. They’re all fantastic, so choose according to your preference. (multiple locations)
  5. Venn PizzaVenn made our list of Best New Restaurants on the strength of Jay Iaquinta’s bar program and the Bikini Bottom, the Hawaiian pie that should settle the “pineapple on pizza” debate. Its is made with seared, cubed Spam (which is appropriate since Canadian bacon never made sense on an ostensibly Hawaiian pie), bourbon-candied pineapples, and fried jalapeños. Yes, the peppers are as inexplicable as Canadian bacon—but they work, so go settle the debate for yourself. (915 W Britton, OKC)

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    Pizzeria Gusto
  6. Rendezvous PizzaAnother Best New Restaurant winner, this Bricktown concept specializes in Detroit-style pizza, which, if you’re unfamiliar, is like delicious sauce and toppings on a giant, buttery breadstick. A slice or two will fill you up, but try to save room for some of the city’s best wings. (27 E Sheridan, OKC)
  7. Stella Modern ItalianRoma style isn’t as well known in OKC, but Lori Burson’s Midtown restaurant has been doing its part to help change that for more than a decade. Roma-style pizzas are cracker-thin, featuring a variety of sauces and occasionally no sauce. Stella’s Italian meats pizza is the one all-meat pie you can eat all by yourself, as each pizza is about enough for one very hungry grownup. (1201 N Walker, OKC)
  8. Hideaway PizzaKnown for its meat-heavy masterpiece The Big Country, Stillwater’s claim-to-fame pizza joint makes very good vegetarian pies, too. The Pizza of the Gods is made with an olive oil-garlic glaze, a two-cheese blend, roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. It’s savory, flavorful, and filling—exactly what you want from a veggie pizza. (multiple locations)
  9. Hall’s Pizza KitchenThis Midtown pie shop makes the list because it has the courage and creativity to make a vegan pepperoni pizza. Yes, vegan pepperoni. Just as importantly, it’s made with red sauce—so many vegan pies are olive oil-based—and Hall’s has very good red sauce. To round out the surprises, it adds vegan parmesan for great results. (1004 N Hudson, OKC)
  10. The Wedge PizzeriaThe original on Western was the first pizza place in the metro that really reached out to vegetarians and vegans, and it is still the best gluten-free pizza in the city. In fact, any pie on its list can be made gluten-free, so they’re still quite vegan and vegetarian friendly, but omnivores are going to love the American Pie with chopped meatballs. (multiple locations)