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10 OKC Sandwiches You Need to Try Now

Chain sandwich shops have nearly killed off local sandwich joints, using massive advertising budgets to offer the lure of convenience (and inferior ingredients) at lower prices.


Photo Provided by Jimmy B's

Chain sandwich shops have nearly killed off local sandwich joints, using massive advertising budgets to offer the lure of convenience (and inferior ingredients) at lower prices. Fortunately, stalwarts Someplace Else, Midway Deli in Norman, Neptune Subs, and Hobby’s Hoagies continue the tradition of slinging delicious sandwiches in family-owned and -run operations, and many other local concepts are offering excellent sandwiches as part of their larger menus. We think you’ll be happy to get your hands full with these 10 OKC-area sandwiches.

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Photo Provided by Unwind Cafe

Unwind Cafe, 427 NW 23rd. The Cuban sandwich at this “Best New Restaurant” winner in Uptown 23rd is a perfect example of the style; that a Cuban chef makes this one certainly helps. It’s mojo pork, Black Forest ham, creamy mustard, and pickles on fresh brioche that Chef Mikel bakes himself.

Pizzeria Gusto, 2415 N Walker. Cody Wilson, owner of George’s Liquor, calls the Italian Deli Sandwich “a perfect sandwich.” A strong endorsement, but the evidence supports the claim: five meats, including soppressata and mortadella, provolone, peppers, olive tapenade and calabrese chili oil on freshly baked bread.

Amici in Movimento, 15920 SE 29th, Choctaw. Chef Patrick Morris launched his Choctaw restaurant with the Manzo Caldo, a massive Italian roast beef sandwich with house-made giardiniera and hot rosemary demi. It’s a knife and fork operation, unless you don’t mind eating messy.

Clark Crew BBQ, 3510 NW Expressway. The Knuckle Sandwich is Clark Crew’s smoked bologna and smoked ham on Texas toast with house-made pimento cheese. It’s one of two bologna sandwiches on this list, so put away the image of the kind from your childhood and embrace the grownup versions.

Jamil’s Steakhouse, 4910 N Lincoln. Greg Gawey has had the same bologna recipe for decades because it’s delicious. When you order the bologna sandwich, be sure to add bacon and pimento cheese, and plan on taking half of it home with you.

Midway Deli, 601 W Eufaula, Norman. The Vulcan is a bestseller at this Norman institution: Santa Fe turkey on grilled sourdough with pepperoni, cheddar, avocado, tomato, and sweet chili mayo. Jack Ellis, OU alum and Midway fan, said the Vulcan reminds him of college and hope. Not sure what that means, but it’s a great sandwich.

Photo Provided by Amici in Movimento

Cellar Cafe, 2915 N Classen. Chef Cory Lawson has one of the rare “hidden gem” restaurants in the city, and his chicken salad sandwich deserves to be better known. It’s a straightforward, traditional preparation served on toasted bread, and it’s all the comfort of home—assuming someone in your family made chicken salad this good.

Saturn Grill, 6432 Avondale. The falafel sandwich is both a nod to vegetarians and an endorsement for a sandwich that is delicious in its own right, even without meat. Chef Joseph Royer has always made delicious falafel, and we’ll always miss the Midtown location, but you can still get this flatbread sandwich with zippy red pepper sauce at the Nichols Hills location.

Jimmy B’s, 1225 N Broadway. When the server asks if you want horseradish for the French dip at Jimmy B’s, the appropriate answer is, “Yes, both kinds, please.” The prime rib is cooked perfectly, and served on a house-made French roll. The choice of creamy or raw horseradish is answered above, and the au jus is perfectly savory.

Centre Bistro, 415 Couch. Chef Michael Haddad has created the turkey sandwich by which all turkey sandwiches shall subsequently be judged. His Pava Romesco Melt is roasted turkey, house Romesco, arugula dressed with olive oil and salt, and fontina. It’s impossible to explain how turkey—the saddest of holiday entrees—is magically transformed into something this explosively flavorful, but Haddad has figured it out, and OKC is better for it.