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A 405 Guide to Who’s Open and Who’s Not

  The information in the list is accurate as of May 29.

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The information in the list is accurate as of May 29. If you are a restaurant or bar owner/manager, please contact us with details if you wish to be added to the list.

A Good Egg Dining Group expects for all dining rooms to be open by June 1. There is a slight possibility that a few will open the second week of June, but Keith Paul said the plan currently is to open all by the first. The Tucker’s in Norman and at Classen Curve will open for curbside service May 18. Other affected concepts are Barrios, Cheever’s, Iron Star, The Drake, Mexican Radio, and Red. 

Rachel Cope said 84 Hospitality Group is still evaluating information and has not settled on a reopen date for dining rooms. Affected concepts are Burger Punk, Empire Slice House, Goro, Gun Izakaya and Revolucion. 

Kurt Fleischfresser said June 1 is the tentative reopen date for dining in at Vast. 

Provision Concepts has opened Birra Birra, Broadway 10, and Hatch. Aaron Soward announced that both Sidecar locations will open Friday, May 8.

Big Truck Tacos started drive-thru takeout May 1, and Chris Lower announced that Pizzeria Gusto and Back Door Barbecue will start curb service on May 15. They are also discussing ways to use Gusto’s patio responsibly. No decision has been made on The Metro Wine Bar and Bistro’s reopening yet. 

Boulevard Steakhouse has reopened for dine-in service with appropriate spacing and PPE. Pete Holloway said Sparrow Italian will open Monday, May 11, followed by Cafe 501 Classen Curve Tuesday, and Cafe 501 Edmond Wednesday.

Jimmy Mays said he has not yet made a decision about dine in at The Hamilton, but June 1 is still the tentative date. Both Cafe 7 locations are doing takeout, but Mays said the company is having trouble sourcing the necessary PPE to open fully right now. Cafe Siete inside the Total Express c-store is open.

Magnolia Bistro and Brielle’s Bistro are both open for dine in and takeout. 

The Social Order Dining Collective has not made a final decision on open dates for The Jones Assembly, Fuzzy’s and Texadelphia yet.

Crosby Dyke said the tentative date for En Croûte to reopen for dining in is May 22.

Bruce Rinehart said he’s not yet decided on an opening date for dine in at Rococo locations yet.

Papa Dios Italian Restaurant will open June 1.

Paladar Cubano is open for dine-in service.

Brady T. Sexton said both Scratch locations will likely remain closed until June 1, but he is still looking at numbers. May 18 would be the earliest date.

Hal Smith Restaurant Group locations are open.

Kurt Fleischfresser said it’s possible they will announce dates for Western Concepts Restaurant Group and Vast next week.

Taqueria Cardenas SLP is open for dine-in service.

Los Desvelados is open for dine-in service.

Both Hacienda Tacos locations (Northpark Mall and Midtown) are open for dine in.

No final decision has been made for Sauced on Paseo and Paseo Grill yet.

Per Del Cid Luidgi Cafe Kacao will continue curbside and takeout, but he does not have a set date to start dine-in.

Ryan Parrot said Oso and Picasso have takeout that can be eaten on the patio for now, and he expects all concepts, including Frida, to be open by Memorial Day weekend.

Full service on the decks at Social is available, and the “backyard” at Aurora will begin sometime next week. No date has been chosen for reopening dining rooms yet.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse is open for dine in.

Per Lori Burson, Stella Modern Italian will open the dining room May 13 with limited seating. The patio is currently open for full service.

Per Russ Johnson, Ludivine and R&J Lounge and Supper Club patios are opening May 7. Inside dining with limited seating will resume May 15 unless there is a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Burritos El Tin Tan is open for dine-in service.

Brent’s Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar is open for dine in.

Per Mickey Newman, Deep Deuce Grill will reopen with dine-in May 1. They will observe social distancing and other restrictions.

La Baguette Bistro and McClintock Saloon and Chop House are open for dine in.

Per Joey Morris, both Mule locations and The Press will continue to do curbside for the foreseeable future. He said the company’s desire is to move slower than phased government opening to ensure the safety of staff and customers. No set date for dine in has been decided.

Chick-N-Beer will open the patio May 14. No dining room open date has been determined yet.

Signature Grill and Bistro Twenty Two are open for limited seated dine-in service.

Per Dave Attalla, Deep Fork Concepts will continue takeout for now. No dine-in date has been decided. The Mantel is closed for now, including takeout.

Sunnyside Diner locations and Taqueria El Camino open for dine in Monday, May 11. 

Bar Arbolada will increase takeout burger service to 2-3 days per week, and Riley Marshall has increased patio furniture. No dine-in open date has been decided. 

Lua in Plaza District begins takeout service Friday, May 8. No open date for dining in has been chosen yet. The patio is open for bar service (beer, wine, simple drinks but no craft cocktails), and takeout food can be eaten on the patio. 

Elemental Coffee continues takeout and curbside. No dine-in date has been decided yet.

Jamil’s Steakhouse is open for curbside lunch and dine in dinner

Patrono opens for dinner Friday, May 15 with reservations only

Paseo Grill opens for takeout May 26, and the dining rooms opens June 1.

Nashbird on 9th St patio is open. Delivery and takeout from Edmond locations begins week of May 18. No decision on opening dining rooms yet.

Saturn Grill is open for curbside only, and no decision has been made about reopening the dining room.

Chef Andrew Black said Black Walnut opens Tuesday, May 12, and La Baguette Deep Deuce will open Monday, May 18, both with curbside, patio, and dine-in options. Grey Sweater reopens for dine-in June 3.
The Eleanor is open for dine-in.
Chalk Sports Bar in Chisholm Creek is open for dine-in.
Ganache Patisserie is open for curbside for now. No decision yet on dining in.
La Brasa is open for dine in, and has a curbside option as well. Reservations strongly recommended.
The Study Wine Bar will open May 30 for dine in. This is tentative based on COVID data and restrictions. Reservations are encouraged.
Bar Cicchetti and Osteria are both open for dine-in for dinner, and Osteria is also open for lunch. The patio at Bar Cicchetti has full service, and they are open for brunch 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.
Picasso Cafe and Oso will open their dining rooms on May 20. Frida will open May 27. They both have full service on their patios now.
Flip’s Wine Bar is opening the dining room May 24. They are also implementing a family-style to-go menu in addition to their regular menu.
The Quail Springs Salata location will be open Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. In addition to Salata’s typical “build your own” options, the new menu of set salads and wraps will be available both in-store and online for guests. For online ordering or to learn more about Salata’s safety procedures, please visit Salata.com