A Rebirth of Fashion

Time to re-embrace dressing to impress
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Gold earrings from Gil’s and Marchesa Notte one-shoulder floral dress from CK & Co.


Comfortable, cozy and easy clothing has been the go-to for almost a year, but perhaps it’s time to embrace a shift in thinking. Fashion can lift spirits and bring a much-needed dose of joy. Mood-elevating styles and pretty colors look and feel especially appealing right now. Those fleece joggers may be the most desired item in the closet, but consider giving them a day off now and then.


Resolve to dress up, not down, even if it’s just for a quiet dinner at home. Pull together a look that’s romantic, a little sexy or flirty for a night out or night in. Dress up because you want to; because it makes you feel good. Wear something that brings a smile every time you see your reflection in the mirror.  Show some attitude. Be daring, be creative and have fun. Remember how good it felt when you routinely wore clothes that reflected your personality or spirit?

If inspiration is needed, consider pink and lavender pastels, creamy neutrals, sheer blouses worn with lace bustiers or bodysuits, rib knit dresses and skirts, thoughtfully placed ruffles, high-waist pants, soft prints, statement belts and sophisticated mini floral matching sets. Pair with the perfect stilettos, slingbacks or boots. Already thinking about spring? Jump on the bubblegum pink trend early. 


Until life returns to something like normal, and even after it does, engage in a little flirtation with clothes just for the fun, the romance and the delight of it.


Photography: Shevaun Williams

Model, hair and makeup: Jessi Murray

Styliing: Samia Moses Creative 

Location: The Eleanor 


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Gordon Stuart, 6500 N Western, OKC, gordonstuart.com

Gretta Sloane, 6476 Avondale, OKC, grettasloane.com

Habit, 3400 S Bryant, Edmond, myhabitshop.com

The Lingerie Store, 7642 N Western, OKC, thelingeriestoreusa.com

rosegold, 6423 Avondale, OKC, shoprosegold.com

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