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Allied Arts Honors Carol Troy

An award recognizes the volunteer who helped boost the charity’s helping hand


A volunteer who has helped to extend Allied Arts’ reach further into the Oklahoma arts community has been honored with the 2017 Zach D. Taylor Award.

Carol Troy received the award, named after one of Allied Arts’ most tireless volunteers, for her own hard work for the organization over the last three decades.

Alison Taylor, wife of the late Zach D. Taylor, presented Troy with the honor, saying: “Since joining the board more than 30 years ago, Troy has been a constant. Like Zach himself, Troy has been actively involved in the turning point to make Allied Arts inclusive – positioning demographics and diversity at the forefront.”

One of her many achievements in helping Allied Arts extend its helping hand was setting up a task force that increased the number of groups the organization supports from seven to 20. Since then it has grown even bigger, and today supports 40 organizations. Troy has also lent her key skills and fresh perspective to the executive and marketing committees of the charity.

“I am so proud of what Allied Arts is doing now; we have ultimately been able to serve the whole community,” says Troy. “Oklahoma City’s future is very bright and speaks to all the things that the leadership of our city has hoped would transpire for a number of years. Indeed, under careful stewardship, we’re making enormous progress.”

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