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Appetite on Main Street

The future is served at Francis Tuttle. A massive, high-tech overhaul of the educational center’s School of Culinary Arts is set to give students the means to become better chefs, and diners a new address to enjoy.

IT'S NOT A NEW RECIPE; for nearly three decades the Francis Tuttle School of Culinary Arts has been taking in students and turning out chefs. But much has changed in the food service industry over all those years, and the school is changing to meet those evolving demands: visitors to the school’s Rockwell campus have been aware for some time that something special was cooking.

Enter the newly redesigned School of Culinary Arts. Built with the expertise of Bockus Payne Associates Architects, the school answers a growing demand for high-quality career training in the hospitality and food service industry by providing a full-scale training center with the facilities, technology and environment to ensure student excellence and career success.

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