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At the Bar: Blu’s Sage & Sour

The herbaceously complex concoction Sage & Sour is found at Blu Fine Wine and Food in Norman; sampling it is a wise decision.


It’s a linguistic coincidence that the word sage can refer to either a savory herb or something profoundly wise and prudent – but there are occasions when the two uses dovetail, such as describing the visually striking, deliciously complex cocktail dubbed the Sage & Sour.

A specialty of the house at Blu Fine Wine and Food, the beverage is a carefully constructed collocation of layers: Bulleit rye mixed with lemon and a sage simple syrup, topped with a float of red wine, topped with a whisper of egg white and a sage leaf. It calls for a bit of expertise and artistry in the preparation, so while you could try this at home, it would be much more pleasurable to drop by the downtown Norman hangout. There’s even a tempting menu and also an excellent patio once the sun begins dipping slightly toward the horizon. Ask bar manager Nikki Snider or one of her colleagues for this crafty concoction, and prepare to feel wise about your decision.

Sage & Sour ingredients

• Lemon juice

• Sage simple syrup

• Red wine

• Egg white

• Sage leaf garnish